The Alligator

Average life span: 35 to 50 years
Diet: Carnivore
Type: Reptile
Size: 10 to 15ft

IUCN red list status: Least Concern

The American alligator is found in freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps and marshes in Florida or Louisiana. These predators have armored bodies with powerful jaws and can weigh up to 1 thousand pounds. These big creatures also feed on fish,turtles,snakes and small mammals. Scary creatures indeed.

Fun facts about the alligator
  • When alligators breathe there lungs get bigger, allowing them to float.
  • Alligators hunt using stealth and trapping fish with a quick bite
  • Female alligators build a nest to lay 20 to 60 eggs
What to do when around an alligator

Its rare for alligators to attack but if they do, wait for them to bite and dodge it. The alligator has a lot of muscles to move their mouths down but not up. Meaning he will take a while to open his mouth. Once the alligator's mouth closes hold the mouth together until authorities come. You can also try to outrun them if you can beat their running speeds.